Hi friends!

In honor of Belmont’s big game against Virginia today, this post is dedicated to the one and only Belmont Bruins! After a heart-stopping game against Murray State, we are ready to dance and bring home the big win. Although I couldn’t make it down to Charlotte for the game this afternoon, here are a few tips for being a great March Madness fan, wherever you are.

1.  Don’t be afraid to distract your competition. One of my favorite moments of Belmont history will always be when adjunct professor Charles Van Dyke sang “Wrecking Ball” in a SILENT auditorium against UNC during their free throw. His bold move caused McAdoo to miss the shot, and the Bruins to win the game. Leave it to a music school to win this way.

2. Know your cheers. My personal favorite is the fact that we always sing “So Happy Together” by the Turtles (of which one is a faculty member!) during every game. It’s an awesome tradition that we have, and it’s better because other teams don’t really seem to understand why we’re doing it. Be loud and proud (bonus points if you can harmonize!)

3. Bring out those colors! On game day, one of the best ways to show school spirit is to wear your colors, obviously! I love Belmont’s blue and navy, and as SGA President I’ve found myself obligated to buy everything I see that’s blue and red. Below is a picture of my closet. If you’ll notice, half of my dresses are blue and half are red. I wasn’t kidding about this.

4. Become an accessory expert. Maybe you’re not the biggest fan of your school colors but still want to show off some subtle school spirit. This is where accessories are your best friend. Wearing a neutral color and adding a bright necklace, scarf, or headband is a perfect way to still support your team without having to go all out.

5. Be BOLD! If subtle’s not your game and you’re a die hard fan looking to do something different, go for it! For today, I decided to take my game day look to the next level with Garnier’s Color Styler. This temporary dye is water based and fast drying, and adheres to the surface of your hair for bright color. I added a streak of blue and red to my hair today and didn’t have to worry about it rubbing off on my white dress due to its patented color-coat technology. It looks great up in a bun or braid, and is the perfect way to bring some stylish school spirit to your game day look.

As a March Madness bonus, I’ve included a coupon for the Color Styler so you can amp up your own Game Day look! Here’s some helpful videos from Garnier on dying your hair—you can find plenty of inspiration on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.

Happy Friday and GO BRUINS!

xoxo, Jeanette

Thank you to Garnier and Her Campus Media for partnering on this post!



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