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I can’t believe that it’s been three weeks since I gave up gluten for Lent! It’s been an interesting experience to be sure. From making tough calls in restaurants to trying (and failing) at some recipes, the past 21 days have been full of learning. While I love to bake and cook, I’m also a super-busy college student. To that end, it helps to be able to have a snack during a long day of class or after a work out.

I was on the search for something that would be filling, portable, delicious, and of course, gluten free. And ta-dah! LUNA’s new gluten-free bars fit the bill. I got a chance to try some of them and I’m completely in love!


The newest Luna Bar (and the one I’m currently obsessed with!) is Chocolate Cupcake. For someone who LOVES her baked goods and her chocolate, this was an answer to prayer!! Not only are the bars gluten-free, they’re also 70% organic and boast 9g of protein and 4g of fiber. Here’s what I loved about this bar:

1. Keeps you full. Since I’m up bright and early most mornings, I tend to get hungry again right around mid-morning. Since I don’t have the option of grabbing a gluten-filled muffin or bagel during the day, this is the perfect thing to reach for that to give me energy without feeling awful about it afterwards.

2. Perfect for on the go. My purse always contains the essentials: a lipstick in a flattering color, a notepad and pen (in case I meet any Nashville celebrities!), and of course, something to eat. There’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere and not having anything to eat (I am one of those people that gets “hangry” really quickly). These bars slide right into a purse, backpack, or workout bag, and don’t involve any prep before: just throw and go!


3. They’re actually delicious. I measure deliciousness by two things: how you feel during and how you feel after. The biggest personal reason that I’ve given up gluten is to empower myself to make smarter health choices. With that being said, there’s no point in being miserable by depriving yourself of life’s simplest pleasures (read: chocolate!). This bar is so chocolatey that it feels like a treat, but I didn’t feel bloated or guilty afterwards. That’s a delicious win in my book! 

4. They’re ALL gluten free. While I adore this new flavor, LUNA has made the switch to make ALL of their bars gluten free! How cool is that? I would have loved these bars even if they weren’t, but knowing that people like my roommate can enjoy the same things is really neat.

groupI was already a big fan of LUNA bars, but I’m even more happy that they’ve made the switch to being GF. I’ve learned firsthand how hard it is when you don’t have options, and LUNA’s provided some healthy and delicious ones! (Psst! If you’re still confused about the whole “gluten-free” thing, check out this handy infographic.)

Be sure to keep up to date with LUNA’s new products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. As always, have a wonderfully blessed day!


Screenshot123121055AM-2(Note: Thank you to LUNA for partnering with me on this post! All opinions and reviews are 100% my humble opinion.)


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