Hi all!

So there are a lot of things going on this week. A LOT of things. For starters, it’s midterm week. That means LOTS of homework in anticipation for Fall Break. Fall Break should be a good thing, but I will be spending it on every kind of drug because I am getting six (SIX!) wisdom teeth removed on Friday. In the midst of all this chaos, the most exciting event of my year so far is happening: BIG-LITTLE REVEAL!

For my non-Greek readers, basically in a sorority as a new member you are paired up with a Big sister. She is there to feed you ice cream, love on you, and basically just be your all around gal pal. My big Ashley and my twin Elizabeth have been such a support for me this past year, and now, TONIGHT, I get a Little of my own! She doesn’t know who I am yet but I have spent the past week crafting and trying to trick her, and tonight she’ll finally get to know who I am.

Basically, I am just really excited about this whole deal, and to express that in the best way I know how (my main girl T-Swift!) I present to you The Fifteen Stages of Having A Little, As Explained By Taylor Swift. 

1. First, you meet all the new members. They’re incredible and amazing and you’re just like…

New Members2. So cool, in fact, that you feel a little shy. So you kind of hang out in the corner and say hi to them as awkwardly as possible.

Dand a little like this:

Stalking3. But then you meet THE GIRL. The one you’re totally in love with, your absolute spirit animal. So inside you’re like…

Fan4. But you HAVE TO PLAY IT COOL. So you’re all like…


5. Still, every time you see her you’re like:

Hi6. Then the day comes. You have to send in your list and wait to find out who your little is. And during all the waiting you think to yourself:

Absurd7. And you get kind of scared because WHAT IF YOU DON’T GET A LITTLE ASDFGHJKL. So you wait and cry a lot.


You PickedMe9. And you love her right back so you’re like:

Celebrate10. You want to be as tricky as possible, so you try to throw her off with some false clues…and when she falls for them, you’re like:

Tricking Little11. You kind of have to avoid your little in real life during the week, and all you want to say is:


12. So you keep yourself busy by crafting ALL THE THINGS. Which means that you say to your other friends…


“I’ve got to craft for my little! Sorry not sorry.”

13. FINALLY it’s the day of big little reveal, and you can’t keep your happiness to yourself. So you break into dance.

Finally14. AND THEN YOU BECOME A BIG (officially!) And you tell that sweet Little of yours…

Best thing that

15. Because out of all of the fish in the sea, you and your Little are meant to be! <3

Love Gif


To my beautiful Little, I am SO EXCITED TO FINALLY BE YOUR BIG. And to all of my fellow Bigs-to-be I can’t wait for all of the joy and love that will come from these amazing friendships. If you’ve gotten to the end of this post and you’re still pretty skeptical about the whole sorority thing, all I gotta say is…





Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 2.29.56 PM









3 thoughts on “The Fifteen Stages of Having A Little, As Explained By Taylor Swift

  1. That’s a cool opportunity you get to be a part of a Sorority and you get to be a Big. Your little has no idea what they are in store for, especially because you are so excited to be a part of their life and share your experiences. :)

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