Ten School Supplies That Are Totally Okay To Geek Out On

It’s hard to believe that school’s just around the corner! I probably belong to the 5% of the population that actually looks forward to school coming around again. It’s something about the weather turning cooler and getting back to being productive that just excites me. Oh, and school supplies. Definitely school supplies. Who doesn’t love new things?

Shopping for school supplies is probably one of my favorite times to go shopping {coming close to new shoes and ice cream…}. Something about finding the perfect agenda and the cutest office supplies just appeals to my inner Type-A personality. If you’re anything like me {or if you’re not and are just semi-easily persuaded}, here are ten school supplies that you are completely justified in squealing over.

1. A super-cute agenda. Nothing sets the pace of your year like an agenda that does it all. Not only does it keep you organized, but it’s always so fun to pull out and look at all the things that you’ve done over the years. Try one with a bright pattern like one of these from Lilly Pulitzer!


2. Felt-tip pens. I am obsessed with felt-tip pens. They write well and are perfect for making notes in the margin of a textbook or taking notes in class. PaperMate’s felt tip pens have always been my go-to every year.

3. Personalized stationery. One of the best ways to get to know your professors is by introducing yourself! Writing them a quick note is a super-easy way to start that relationship. I always find that I’m much more  excited to send a note with personalized stationery. These personalized notepads from Shutterfly are just too cute! You can pick whatever custom template matches your style.


4. Cute notebooks. If you’re going to be writing a lot down, you might as well have a great place to do it. Find ones that are as unique as you, or even take a plain notebook and make it your own! Try this DIY chalkboard notebook on for size.

5. The right backpack. There’s no use in having cute school supplies if you’ve got nothing to carry them with. If you’ve got a computer, this Vera Bradley laptop backpack provides a sleeve just for your computer and has an adorable pattern!


6. Sticky notes. Put reminders for yourself EVERYWHERE with a cute set of sticky notes. Seriously, the more times that your brain sees something {like doing your “required” reading for the first day of school} the more likely you are to remember to do it.

7. Water bottle. Keep that noggin’ hydrated by constantly keeping a bottle of water on you. I’ve had a Camelbak for years that is so easy to refill (your brain and the environment will thank you!)

8. A rockin’ first day of school outfit. I’m a firm believer that you have to dress for success. Whatever your style, wear something that makes you feel classy and confident. You’ll be making new friends and acing those classes in no time!

9. An organizer for everything. If backpacks aren’t your thing or you just need to grab your laptop and notebook for running between classes, this organizer from Mochi Things is EVERYTHING. Easily holds your laptop/tablet, a notebook, pencils and pens, and anything else you might need. Perfect for the grab and go college student.


10. Personalized tech! We live in a digital age, and we might as well embrace it! Find a cute cover for your phone/computer/tablet, or design your own with some pictures of friends.  These custom iPhone 6 cases are fun!

Whether the thought of classes has crossed your mind or not, having the right supplies will put you on the path for success. Here’s to a wonderful school year!


Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 2.29.56 PM


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