Hey y’all!

Happy weekend! I’ve had a most wonderful week here in sweet Tennessee. Kickboxing in a sauna, getting pushed into pools for friend’s birthdays, and best of all, visiting a signature Nashville establishment: The Loveless Cafe.

IMG_6315Located a few miles outside of the city on a winding country road, the Loveless Cafe is a reminder of times when the living was easy. In 1951, Lon and Annie Loveless began serving fried chicken and biscuits out of their home to travelers on Highway 100, and a legend was born. Although the years have changed Loveless from a home kitchen to Nashville’s tourist must-visit, the initial attraction remains the same: simple, folksy dishes served with a heaping side of Southern hospitality.

IMG_0404Walking around and taking in the relaxed and quaint atmosphere, one might never guess that the Loveless has been recognized nationally, being named by USA Today as America’s “Top Down-Home Dining Spot.” And that long-coveted biscuit recipe has featured the famous Carol Fay on Ellen DeGeneres and The Today Show. But Loveless is still humble at heart.

IMG_0409After wandering around the property and getting a chance to sit in these fabulous rocking chairs, we made our way back to the restaurant after a 45 minute wait (don’t expect this place to be empty, ever.) I knew that I was going to have to try those famous Southern staples that were whetting the appetites of travelers like me almost 70 years ago.

IMG_0411First up, a plate of those delicious biscuits. Were they as good as they were hyped up to be? Absolutely. Fluffy, buttery, sweet little breads from heaven, served with three kinds of home made preserves. Was I tempted to kidnap the chef in exchange for the recipe? Let’s just say I considered it as we completed our second plate.

IMG_0413For dinner, I ordered a chicken biscuit with caramel sweet potatoes and hashbrown casserole. Can I just say that it is a miracle to me that everybody in the South isn’t just eating food ALL THE TIME? The chicken was wonderful (it was encased in a biscuit, so how could it not?). The hashbrown casserole was filled with cheese, sour cream, chicken gravy, and every other artery-clogging thing that you could ever hope for. And the sweet potatoes were an absolute dessert on top of it all. Could you really ask for more?

IMG_0396All in all, the Loveless was probably one of my favorite experiences on Jen’s Eats. It’s not often that you visit a place so rich in a history of serving and loving people. It also reminded me of just how grateful I am to be calling Tennessee and Nashville home, at least for now. Like all travelers along Highway 100, this place will always be close to the heart.

A big thank you to Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2014 Leah Sykes and her brother Jake for sharing this meal with me as they’re visiting from Florida. See you next time on Jen’s Eats!


Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 2.29.56 PM


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