I am saying this incredibly enthusiastically because I have managed to work some magic into my 60 hr. a week work schedule in order to have Fridays off. It’s pretty incredible, and I am just soaking it all in. If you’re not as fortunate, or just looking for something to cheer you up, here are some fun things I found around the world that I think you might enjoy!

  • The joy of this chinchilla taking a dust bath is something we can all aspire to.
  • I recently finished the second season of House of Cards. As I begin to assume a presidency of my own I’m thinking maybe I should hang one of these quaint quotes in the office…

  •  For those of you still reeling in America’s victory (I’m a Germany fan myself…) and looking forward to July 4th celebrations, The Blaze has come up with a list of the most American things ever for those of you who bleed red, white, and freedom.
  • If you’re looking for a fresh summer salad, look no further. My girl Joy’s got it covered with this Spinach and Strawberry Chopped Salad. Doesn’t it look delicious?

  •  This week’s Pinterest DIY that I’m currently obsessed with is this DIY Chan Luu inspired wrap bracelet. It looks perfect for the summer. I’m guessing I’ve got a 60% shot at being successful at this one.
  • Current fashion obsession: scalloped shorts. These ones from NastyGal are drool-worthy.

  • If you’re still looking for your summer anthem, may I suggest this song? Perfect amount of country for me.
  • A quote that’s recently inspired me…so very true!


Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 2.29.56 PM



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