Hey friends!

I’m absolutely loving the fact that I have so much more time to blog now! As promised, a new section of this blog is going to be devoted to one of my lifelong passions: food. Food is just incredible. A certain food blogger named Joy the Baker is the reason that I decided to even start my own blog. If I could have any job in the world, it would be to travel and meet new people and break bread with them. Can that be a thing?

Anyways, my first week of food blogging brought me to A Matter of Taste. Sarah had convinced me that she had tried THE BEST completely gluten-free restaurant and that I had to try it. Being roommates with someone who is gluten-free has caused me to be try a lot of new things…including making brownies with black beans as the main ingredient {whattttt?} so I prepared myself for some really strange sounding concoctions and decided to go.


Tucked into a little shopping center on Franklin Rd, this little spot might be hard to miss. But once walking in, it’s apparent that the owner meant for this place to be a bright spot in your day. Although the space is small {most orders are take-out}, the inside decor is bright yet calming. Inspirational quotes cover the doors and walls, and as I sat down to lunch I could see that A Matter of Taste was as much the product of a personal dream as it was an establishment.

The owner, a restauranteur who is GF herself, writes on her website: “My goal was to create food that my kids would not automatically ask ‘is this gluten-free, Mom?” The goal of A Matter of Taste was obviously to make good food that people can enjoy regardless of their dietary restrictions.



The menu was not overly ambitious, yet each item was carefully crafted, and utilizes local and fresh ingredients whenever possible. Their homemade gluten-free bread is the shining star of all of their sandwiches, but they also have other bread options for those of us who don’t have to avoid it. I ordered the Turkey and Brie and Sarah got the Turkey Melt.


To be honest, I kind of was expecting your standard deli sandwich when I ordered, but I was incredibly surprised. The apples, mustard, and turkey were an incredible combination, and the warm baguette made me so happy that bread is and hopefully will always be a thing in my life. I had to try Sarah’s gluten free bread too, and it was DELICIOUS. Not grainy at all, although a little bit more tender. I could have ordered hers and been perfectly content. It’s obvious that she was.


Look at that happy face.

If you’re looking for a spot to have a quick and delicious lunch, A Matter of Taste is just the thing. The fact that everything has the potential to be gluten free is just an added bonus, in my opinion! Kudos for being able to make ALL of your food taste great. I will definitely be back looking for some inspiration and another great sandwich.



Thanks for joining me on the first edition of Jen’s Eats! I’ll be back next week with another Nashville restaurant and hopefully some more wonderful food!

Visit A Matter of Taste’s website here.






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