Hey y’all!

Can you believe that it’s almost summer already? I think it finally hit me when I stepped onto a rather empty campus and realized that everything was a beautiful shade of green. Nashville’s spring is typically rainy, but once the clouds clear, you’re left with absolutely beautiful blooms (and absolutely horrible allergies).



Until a few weeks ago, I thought I’d be leaving Nashville to return home for the summer, but was blessed with an incredible opportunity to stay here in Nashville and work at Belmont! I’m really excited to get to spend some time working with Student Affairs and Residence Life, and do some SGA planning in the in-between.

But this is summer. Summer in Nashville. And that means it’s time to play.


While sitting and eating ice cream with my BFF Sarah, we came up with a couple of things that we have the time and energy to do now that summer is here and the livin’ is easy. Now I know I haven’t been the best with my Life List resolutions, but these don’t have a timeline, and I’ve already done some…just trust in me, okay?

P.S. It’s an “exhaustive” summer bucket list because I was really tired when I came up with it, and then took a nap. Oh, the joys of summer!

Without further ado… The {Exhaustive!} Nashville Summer Bucket List!

  • ROAD TRIP! I don’t care where or how it happens. But it’s happening. Possible locations include North Carolina, Alabama or Georgia. Thinking of throwing a dart at a map of the South and seeing where it lands.
  • Be an extra on a TV show. Fortunately, living in the coolest city in the world makes this really easy. Plan to see me on Nashville at some point in my lifetime. I mean, they’ve filmed at Belmont before, so it can’t be that hard, right?
  • Sing at the Bluebird CaféThis has been a lifelong dream. Part of the reason I came to Nashville was because I wanted to be Taylor Swift. She got discovered singing here, so I’ve got to give it a shot, right?
  • Take the Jack Daniels Distillery Tour. This is because my accounting professor this semester took 45 minutes to talk about Lynchburg and the process of making whiskey. It sounded fascinating enough, and just because I’m not going to try any doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the history, right? ;)
  • Perform a poem I wrote somewhere. This one might be sooner than I think! It turns out there are a lot of really cool poetry open mics in Nashville, and I’m thinking of doing one at Portland Brew this Saturday. If it happens I’ll post the poem I read here!
  • Do something really Southern. So this is DEFINITELY happening. Steeplechase (Nashville’s horse races) are happening this Saturday, and I will be in attendance wearing a Lilly dress, pearls, and a big hat. It’s going to be ridiculous. It’s going to be wonderful. It’s going to be ridiculously wonderful.
  • Go on a picnic (or three).
  • Go swimming at Percy Priest at midnight. There’s nothing like swimming under the stars, and Nashville’s got some beautiful lakes pretty close by.
  • Spend an entire day in bed. This might be the easiest and hardest thing to do on this entire list. Seriously.
  • Find a way to consistently serve the Nashville community. As much as I love Nashville, there are so many opportunities to love on others and be loved in return. Hands on Nashville  is a great resource to find different opportunities and I’m so excited!
  • Go whitewater rafting. This was Sarah’s idea. I’m scared.
  • Create a writing portfolio. Since I’ve started applying for internships, I’ve realized that saying you have a blog just doesn’t cut it. So in addition to writing blog posts I’m going to start compiling my poetry and short stories. Heck, I may just share a few of them on here!
  • Become one of the locals. Nashville people do cool things like art crawls and farmer’s markets. I’m going to go and pretend I’m not absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of wonderful things. I’ll just pretend it’s casual. Yeah.IMG_9959
  • Go camping. The classic standby. Tennessee has some really beautiful natural areas, so I’m going to find myself a little place in the mountains and have at it!
  • Visit a new restaurant every week and write a review. This is one that I’ve already started! Starting this week I’m going to do a review of a local restaurant in the 615 and write a review on it. Since my secret dream is to be Anthony Bourdain, I’m really excited about it. Find out tomorrow where I got lunch this week and follow me on Jen’s Eats! And if you’re in the Nashville area, I will never say no to a lunch bud :)
  • Finish ten books and watch ten documentaries. Let’s be honest: I could sit and watch House of Cards all day. But I’m going to try and stretch the brain a little bit this summer. Suggestions are always welcome.
  • Make Sarah and my Hillside Apartment Pinterest Perfect. Enough said.
  • Create a rockin’ webshow. If you didn’t know, Sarah and I are pretty much the funniest people around. We’re going to try to be funny with a camera around. This may or may not involve Miley Cyrus, Tinder, and other pop culture references we really shouldn’t investigate…
  • IMG_9499
  • Yes, Sarah, this picture made it on the Internet. You’re welcome.
  • Breathe. Life can get so crazy, even in a city where the motto is “sit and stay awhile!” Hoping to do some major healing and self-discovery over the summer. Whether we’re Nashville neighbors this summer or you find yourself spending these lazy days elsewhere, I hope they’re full of warm weather and you take a moment to take it in.

Now that I’ve shared my list, I’d love to hear yours! And if you’re wanting to do some adventuring in Nashville this summer…you know where to find me!


It’s obviously at a lake, wrapped up in America and deeply pondering life. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Wishing you peace, love, and sunshine this summer!







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