Hey y’all!

So as I was in the car today, losing at 2048 for the three-hundred-millionth dozenth time, I pictured writing this blog and the inevitable questions that would ensue. I decided to answer them, press conference style, before getting to the issue at hand that has caused me to abandon my hiatus as a writer and get back to blogging.

Why haven’t you been blogging? It’s a long story. A long and complicated story. My last post kind of touched on that, but things got even crazier, if that’s even possible to believe.

What ever happened to your Life List? Yeah…we’re all human. A mini-resolution every week was ambitious. I think I could have excelled with less lofty goals, like: make sure your hair is brushed every day this week or, don’t forget which level of the parking garage you’re parked on! In other words, I’ve kind of failed. But I’ve got some exciting news that might make it a little better…

Exciting news? What exciting news? Although I’ve been weathering a lot of storms lately, at last, a silver lining! I am so excited to announce that as of yesterday, I will officially be spending this summer in Nashville!!! I am so blessed to have this opportunity to take some time and enjoy the city and its wonderful people.

So what does this mean for your blog? Lots of coffee shops. More frequent posting. And I may or may not be visiting a new Nashville eatery every week and giving you the God’s-honest truth about the grub here in Nash. It’s gonna be real.

But, back to why I’m writing today…



I’ve only made a few good promises to myself in my life. One is to never, EVER use the phrase “yolo” in a conversation. Another is to not download games on my phone. Well, I broke one of those promises. YOLO.

Dang it…make that two.

Anyways, I’m not proud to announce that after much thought, I downloaded 2048 on my iPhone. I was convinced for two reasons: one, all of my friends were playing it and it looked relatively intellectual, and secondly, it seemed so simple even a Mass Communications major could do it. And so began the demise…


First was downloading this harmless looking app. Easy enough, right?


Then they give you the instructions: “Join the numbers to get to the 2048 tile.” You think to yourself “I got this. I’ve been adding 2+2 since I was in the first grade.”

You are so wrong.

So very, very wrong.

ImageYou keep rocking. You’re already at 32 and it’s not even been a full minute yet. You are the SWIPING CHAMPION.

“This is more satisfying than swiping left on Tinder,” you think to yourself.

Again, you are wrong.



“64? What is that, like, halfway to 2048? I’ve TOTALLY got this.”




You’ve made it to 128 and life is good. You ignore the petty ad for Candy Crush Saga. Once you make it to those big four numbers, no game will ever stand a chance. Power is all yours, until…



Things quickly spiral out of control. “How the heck did all of these tiles come out of nowhere?!?” you think to yourself. You begin to panic. A cold sweat breaks out on your forehead. You remind yourself to breathe and then in a moment of impulse begin swiping up, left, down—is there any hope left?!?!?!?!

ImageYou’ve managed to regain control. Life is good. Numbers are matching, just like the stars are lining up for your destiny. You will reach that number.

ImageAt this point, you are invincible. Nothing can stop you, so you swipe at random without a care in the world. This game could practically win itself. You remain distracted in your own thoughts until the unthinkable happens…



Are. You. Kidding. Me.

“I HAD IT! This game is so incredibly simple and a few stray swiped ended all my hard work?!? This is the stupidest game EVER! What an absolute waste of time. I am never playing this garbage again.” You throw down your phone in disgust.

But then, it happens.


ImageYou’re back to Square One. And by Square One, I mean those two little squares.

You convince yourself that if you play just one more time, two will equal four will equal eight will equal sixteen will equal victory. You tell yourself that this game is simple and if you don’t beat it you will forever have self-esteem issues. You tell yourself that it’s educational and that if you make it to the end you’ll be able to put it on your resume and actually get a real job. You tell yourself that NOTHING will be complete until you finish.

While you play, the world around you passes you by. Cities rise and fall. Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA. Someone got engaged on Facebook. Mean Girls celebrated its 10th anniversary.

But none of that matters to you. You have to keep going. You have to win.

Why do I know this? Because I stopped writing this blog at least five times to try and do it myself.

If you haven’t downloaded 2048, DON’T DO IT. And if you have...fight the good fight of faith.


In all seriousness, love you guys so much. I’m so excited to get back to writing this summer and sharing the beauty of Nashville with you! <3 <3 <3


Peace, love n’ blessings,







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