Hi friends!

It’s here! It’s the day where we pause to ignore our New Year’s diets. It’s the day where everybody suddenly becomes a sports expert. It’s the day where all of America can rally behind a common cause: yelling at the television at the top of their lungs.

Yes, it’s SuperBowl Sunday.

Since my favorite team has only made it to the Super Bowl four times {SKOL VIKINGS}, I unfortunately have nobody to actually root for. But no matter, because whether you’re a sports fan or not, you know the real entertainment is not in the passing of a ball, but the passing  out of laughter from Super Bowl commercials.

In my media class, I did some research and found out that these 30 second puppies are going for $10 million nowadays. Hot DANG. So, if they’re going to be that expensive, they might as well be good, right? Here are some of my favorite Super Bowl commercials. Enjoy, and GO TEAM! BEAT THAT OTHER TEAM. YEAH. COOL.

1. Kia Matrix

What if I told you that Morpheus could sing?

2. The Dober-WHAT?

I’m not sure if I should be amused or absolutely terrified.

3. The Super#$*@ Commerical

Poor Anna Kendrick was looking forward to her day of fame.

Also, she’s so humble. I love it: “I mean, I’m hot, but I’m approachable hot.”

4. And All The Older Siblings Said…

If I had used this strategy, I would have had three puppies by now. Sigh…

5. That Mascot Sass.

Hey, mascots are bad fans too.

6. A Throwback to 2011…

So I know this one isn’t new, but definitely one of my favorites from VW.

7. It’s All Golden.

Everyone’s favorite Golden Girl makes this Snickers commercial perfect.

8. A Man’s Man.

Fun fact: Old Spice is my favorite body wash to use…does that make me a man? Questions I ask myself.


Because regular language just won’t cut it anymore.

10. Budweiser’s Best Buds

There are tears. In my eyes. Real tears in my real eyes. This is the most precious thing I have ever seen. In the name of animal friendship, Budweiser wins again.

Regardless of whether you love the Broncos or Seahawks, or you prefer the “LOL” or “aww” moments in commercials, have a great Superbowl Sunday with all you other sports {or let’s be honest, food} fans out there. Stay blessed, y’all!



Life List Update: While we’re on sports, I became an expert in the sport that may surprise most: Extreme Ironing. Yes, it is a sport. Because when else would you have time to have a fresh-pressed shirt when you’re so busy skydiving or skiing? Started over a decade ago in the UK, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Check out this video, and you’ll see why. Something that I’d like to try one day? Absolutely.



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