Hey y’all!

So one of the resolutions on my list this year was to sign up for an online class. So far, I’m a week into two of mine, and there are already some very good and bad things I can foresee coming out of this. The first is a media programming class through Belmont and the second is an EdX course in computer science from Harvard! Here’s just a quick rundown on my thoughts so far.


Class in pajamas. All day every day.

-Nobody will judge if I’m eating Ben and Jerry’s while writing something semi-intelligent.

-Internet friends! My EdX course has let me connect with people from all around the world. We have our own Facebook group and everything, and they’re pretty rad. Also, there are a lot of people from Morocco. They must really dig this computers thing.

-No heavy lugging of textbooks or worrying about losing your notes.


-Keeping up with class requires TONS of motivation. There’s nobody there to make you succeed, so if you want to do well, it’s on you!

-Not getting distracted by Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter. It’s a losing battle.

-Getting tired of looking at a screen for three hours.

-Not being able to meet your classmates/professors in real life. Until they invent hologram classes or something, Facebook stalking is the closest I’m going to get!

Also, because I don’t have a related picture, here’s a little inspiration for the week!


Stay beautiful!






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