I’m thankful for the morning view when I wake up and look out over the Nashville skyline. Innovation. A well-made cup of coffee. Hugs that last longer than usual. Snowflakes. Warm socks. Musicals. Taco Bell at 4 AM. Weekends that are made for sleeping in. My beautiful family. Pinterest. Google. Old friends. New friends. Words. Ben and Jerry’s Half-Baked Ice Cream, and people who will stop at nothing to bring it to me. Kappa Alpha Theta. Frank Sinatra. Hope. A school that’s become home. The fact that my story will not end when I do. A sense of purpose. Chai Tea Lattes. Forgiveness. Hipsters. The poetry of Billy Collins. Dancing in the rain. Tiffany blue. My best friends. A nation under God. Poetry. The human spirit. Taylor Swift. My iPhone. Stuffing. Piano. Watercolor paintings. Integrity. Kisses that mean something. All of the small coffee shops in Nashville. Crazy late-night adventures. YouTube videos of cats. My wonderful readers. Everyone who has ever said a kind word to me when I needed it most. Dance parties. My incredible room mates. My father God. “Oceans” by Hillsong. Setting goals and accomplishing them. The human race. Everybody who has ever been a role model to me. Social Entrepreneurship. Making lists. Skillet. A new hope every morning. Freshly washed laundry. Kit Kats. Candles. Trinidad and Tobago. 1 Corinthians 13. Optimism. Long hand-written letters. Clear. Coldplay. Music. History. People that make me laugh. Good food. Shoulders to cry on. Being a citizen of 2013. Hands to hold. Dry shampoo. Soft jersey knit sheets. Hard times that bring us together. Joy the Baker. Apple. Thought Catalog and Buzzfeed. The idea that the only constant thing is change. People I’ve never met. The future. Awkward moments that you can laugh about later. Prayers that are heard even when I’m not on my knees. 

Five minutes, or even a lifetime, will never be enough. For all these things I give thanks, for I am blessed beyond understanding.




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