Hey y’all!

Belmont’s once again making the news this week with their landmark victory against UNC. However, not everybody really knows what it means to “Be Belmont.” BU has its own distinct culture made up of an amalgamation of hipsters, perfectly manicured lawns, and  aspiring Taylor Swifts. It’s a place unlike anywhere else in the world. For those of you who don’t know Belmont, {and those of you who do…}, here are Twenty Five of the Most Belmont Things to Ever Happen. 

1. Being able to recognize the different varieties of flowers on campus, and actually being a little upset when it’s winter and everything’s not floral and beautiful.

Belmont's Rose Garden.
Belmont’s Rose Garden.

2. Crying real tears when the Purity Ice Cream Station was gone from the Caf.

3. Releasing an EP…

4. BEING an EP.


5. Posting something about yourself/a friend on Belmont Crushes to make you/them seem popular.

6. Waking up to either A. The Belltower B. Emmanuel’s Trumpet or C. Blasting during random intervals of the day.

7. Not being able to register for classes.


8. Going to Follies and laughing because everything that they’re saying is true, then crying because you can’t do anything about it.

They’re out to get you.

9. Feeling so lonely you try to have a conversation with one of the statues/squirrels on campus.

10. Becoming perfect at Instagramming your Bongo Java.

They just make it so pretty!
They just make it so pretty!

11. Always asking yourself the question: “Can I get convo for this?”

12. Being able to calculate the minimum amount of time that it will take you to throw pants and shoes on and be out the door for your 8 AM class.

13. Being a Music Business major.

14. Hearing freshman play “Hey Jude” and John Mayer too many times during the first week of school on the Quad.

15. Going to church on Sunday morning at the same place you saw a show Saturday night.

16. Snapchatting while singing Taylor Swift down 15th Avenue.

Or being Taylor Swift and walking down 15th Avenue.
Or being Taylor Swift and walking down 15th Avenue.

17. Winning against the #12 ranked basketball team in the nation in part because an adjunct professor sang “Wrecking Ball” during their free throws.

Victory has never been sweeter. Or more Miley.
Victory has never been sweeter. Or more Miley.

18. Hearing in passing “Yeah, you should date him, he’d be really great songwriting material.”

19. RSVPing “maybe” to a release party that you are 89% not likely to show up for.

20. Forgetting that bottled water is an actual thing.

21. Going to the Clinic with any problem and hearing “It’s probably an upper respiratory infection. Here’s some Mucinex.”

22. Three words: Field is closed.

23. Being an extra on Nashville and realizing that it’s probably the closest you’ll ever come to actual fame.


24. Not going deaf during Rock Showcase.

25. At the end of the day being proud that you go to a school that, despite it’s quirks, is the place where you’ve learned a lot about the world and yourself, met some really cool people, and maybe even had some fun along the way.

Special thanks to my fellow Bruins who contributed to this piece.



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