Hi friends!

Can you believe that it’s November already? I checked my phone this morning and the temperature was a blustery 30 degrees, which caused me to immediately think that IT’S SNOWING WEATHER.

Get. Excited.
Get. Excited.

But before we get into Michael Bublé and peppermint scented things, let’s enjoy November for what it is—the last colorful notes of autumn that herald in the season of overeating, overplaying Christmas songs, overeating, overspending, overwatching Elf, over-regretting overeating, and overeating. {Nothing says the holidays like extra insulation, right?}

Anyways, something that I’ve started to do each month is create a bucket list of things to do that are unique to that month. Maybe this will help you break the pre-finals slump {literally, everyone at Belmont is struggling hardcore right now} and take some time to enjoy this beautiful month with your family and friends. Without further ado…Ten Things to Do This November.


1. Go on a photo walk: I’m not sure if it’s true anywhere else, but Nashville takes its sweet time getting into fall. In October most of the leaves were green and I could still wear a tank top outside without feeling chilly. But November’s brought that cold that’s made the leaves absolutely breathtaking. Never before has the art of dying seemed more beautiful. This would also be a great time to take pictures of friends. My Theta sis Sarah had me lying in the leaves with flowers and things for one of her photo classes. It was delightful.


2. Catch up on some sleep. The end of the semester is conducive to being extra stressed {example: I am currently running on three hours of sleep because I had another notorious expense forecast due}. This can cause us to have breakdowns due to the simplest of things, like discovering that your roommates have finished the last of your chocolate chips {this was a real thing. I’m not proud. But it was a real thing}. So take a minute to sit back, breathe, and cuddle with people you love.


3. Learn to knit. Okay, so I’m not your grandma’s level knitter, but I learned how to knit via Youtube a few years ago {that place is magical. Seriously.} It’s not only been really fun and relaxing, but also a great way to show your love for people! It’s your birthday? Here’s a scarf. You’re having a bad day? Here’s a scarf. You don’t feel sufficiently hipster enough in Nashville? Here’s a scarf. If you can’t tell, I can only knit one thing. Want a scarf?

4. Be a kid again. Okay. Just because you’re a twenty-something with a cool internship and a LinkedIn profile, I know on the inside you miss the days of your youth, when the yellow school bus would drop you off and you’d jump in every pile of leaves to your little heart’s desire. That joy doesn’t have to be over. Go. Find a pile of leaves, or rake one yourself. Jump in it. So what if you get strange stares? They’re the ones missing out. Last year some of my friends made a leaf pile so huge that they jumped off their roof into it. Why? Because being a college student is being a kid. On steroids and excessive amounts of coffee.


5. Keep calm and watch football. This is a bit of a sore subject for me, since I am a Vikings fan from Wisconsin. I swear that the only time that I hear from people from my high school is when they are giving me trouble about the Vikings most recent loss. But you know what? It’s the love of the game. There’s nothing I love more than the game on, with cookies in the oven, and a nice warm blanket. And you know what? The Vikings won their last game AND we have ADRIAN PETERSON WHO IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NFL SO STOP SAYING THAT WE AREN’T A REAL TEAM STOP MAKING FUN OF US WE ALMOST MADE IT TO THE SUPERBOWL THREE YEARS AGO…rant over.

6. Don’t forget about Pumpkin Spice. So even Starbucks has moved on to bigger and better things with their red cups and holiday drinks. And our good friend, Pumpkin Spice, has seemed to move away, forgotten with some remnants of fall. But listen. As long as there are still leaves on the trees, it’s Pumpkin Spice season. I still have three Pumpkin Spice mixes in my cupboard and by golly, I’m going to bake them! If you’re needed a little inspiration, Buzzfeed has some fabulous dessert recipes here.

What would Thanksgiving be without the Pumpkin Pie? #rememberthepumpkin
What would Thanksgiving be without the Pumpkin Pie? #rememberthepumpkin

7. Go turkey bowling. So, I didn’t believe that turkey bowling was an actual thing. But this Tuesday I went out for my weekly midnight bowling night with the Phi Taus, and for $3, you could bowl an actual turkey. If you got a strike, you got to take home a turkey. Being the adventurous person that I am, I decided to do it {preface: my highest currently bowling score is around a 51. So there’s that.} with no expectation of anything but a good time.


I did it. I won the freaking turkey. I’m still reeling in the shock of my victory. This all goes to say that if something seems like a memory that you want to make, do it. You will have a story to tell…and a twelve pound turkey sitting in your college freezer.

8. Learn how to cook a turkey. So, I’m still really confused as to how this all works. But someday in my future I see my Norman Rockwell self setting a turkey down before my husband and 2.5 kids.


As if.

But really, cooking a turkey seems like a challenge. And I feel like winning this turkey is a sign that I need to learn how to do it. Pinterest, where are you when I need you? Oh. There you are.

9. Prepare those shopping lists…for MYSELF! I need to just get on my soapbox and say that December birthdays are the WORST THING EVER. Now don’t get me wrong. December is a lovely month. It’s just that us December babies get lost in the joy of Christmas. I mean, yeah Jesus was born and all that, but WHAT ABOUT ME.

So it’s official. I have a Pinterest board for all the things I want for my birthday. This is completely separate from all the things I want for Christmas. Take note and plan accordingly. {Gosh, don’t you just LOVE consumerism?}

10. Go on adventures. This is something that you should do every month, every week, heck, every day! Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Do one thing that scares you every day.” So whether it’s finally tackling that closet that you’ve thrown everything into, finally asking forgiveness for something you’ve done, or reaching out to someone that’s been on your heart, go out and do it. Only God knows how many Novembers we have left. So breathe in the deep fall air, go out, and be blessed. Who knows where your adventures will take you?


Wishing you all the love Novembers can bring,



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