Happy November, y’all!

So I’m happy to report that today was the seventh time that I worked out. This semester.

I looked a lot like this.

I’m going to be completely honest and say that I am NOT athletic. In middle school I was the best JV benchwarmer that the volleyball team had ever seen. I was proud when I could do ONE perfect push-up. And I was the kind of person who would research ways to become more fit WHILE eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

But, I happen to live with a very inspiring room mate {not that they all aren’t!}. But my girl Danielle not only works at Belmont’s gym…she’s also kind of a fitness queen.  I wish I had her passion for carrots and squats {not that she doesn’t enjoy a perfect cookie recipe now and again}. Anyways, she’s inspired me, and since I needed some distraction while sweating it out on the elliptical, I now present to you…The Top Ten Reasons Why Belmont Students Should Work Out.

1. Hipster boys, put those flannels to work. Yes, you, trying to be all retro and cool in your red checkered flannel. I see you. I like that. You know what would go really well with that flannel. Brawn.

Just pretend like you're in these...

2. Because how else are you going to work out that Purity Ice Cream from the Caf? The Chick Fil A Breakfast Sandwiches? The late night ‘Doba run? You know that the only foods that taste good in college are the ones that you are going to regret the Freshman 15 or Sophomore 20 later.


3. Because it would be really nice if you could do more than lift your 10 pound guitar case from gigs.

4. Because it’s downright embarrassing to be out of breath while walking from Dickens to Massey. {A.K.A. Welcome to the life of Jeanette Morelan every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s a little pathetic.}

5. Because the blue emergency posts on campus aren’t enough to protect you from stranger danger. Unless, of course, you’re strong enough to pick it up and bash your attacker with it.

Also, if you didn’t see Fall Follies: “Thank you, Belmont, for placing blue emergency posts exactly in the spot where you think I’m going to get mugged.”

6. Because there are so many places to be cool and fit in Nashville. You could go trampolining at Sky High. You could have a Spikeball showdown on McWhorter Lawn. You could practice running from all your screaming fangirls for that day that you will finally become famous…yeah. You keep telling yourself that. Anything to stay motivated, right?

7. Because we should be known as more than just “that one music school.” So what if we don’t have a football team? At least we have Brad Paisley…and I’ve proven my point.

We've still got this guy!

8. Because it’s a great time to write music. Let’s be honest…Beethoven probably wrote his Moonlight Sonata while running from a pack of wild wolves, not crying in his bedroom watching Scandal.

9. Because you could totally steal a neon orange vest and pretend to be one of the 512 construction workers on campus. Just don’t try and break anything…please. I long for the day when neon orange is not the un-official school color of Belmont University.

You better get down to twerk—I mean, work...

10. Because in a situation where you need a hero, you want to be someone/be with someone who has the ability to kick danger’s butt instead of serenading it with the latest John Mayer single. 

Now THERE's an idea!

I mean, forget about the fact that working out is actually good for you or something like that. November’s in full swing, and instead of lying dormant in our rooms listening to Bon Iver and figuring out what we’re going to do or not do with our lives, let’s sweat a little.

Finally scale the rock wall in the Beaman. Join an intermural team. Learn how to twerk.

Whatever floats your boat.

In the words of Britney Spear’s new single….you better work, Belmont! 

And I will work alongside you. Slowly. With my five pound weights and 4.5 sprinting speed. {Hey, slowly but surely!}

Wishing you peace, health, and warm knitted scarves this November.




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