If you’re a guy…leave now.

I mean, you could stay, but I can guarantee you that this is going to be girl real talk. Makeup, in addition to the Bachelor, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the overall attractiveness of Ryan Gosling, is one of those subjects that, for the most part, is generally foreign to men. {Hey, if you’re a guy that’s down to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s, let me know. You’re a gem.} But, hey, if you stay, maybe you’ll realize why “just five minutes” for a girl is more like a two hour ritual…definitely guilty.


Let’s face it: makeup is fun. It’s like being an artist, but with your face! With fourteen million kinds of products out there, from things that are supposed to make your eyelashes as long as a camel’s to bronzer that gives you that sun-kissed look in the middle of December, it’s a whole world for us ladies to explore {or if you’re this unfortunate guy who lost in a bet to me!}

To preface this, I just want to say that there is absolutely NO SHAME in going out without makeup. I do it all the time. If you’re running late or just feel like going au naturale, kudos. As much as I love makeup I do believe that there’s an underlying message that if you don’t wear it, you aren’t pretty. Beauty is more than skin deep, anybody can tell you that, but I also believe that there is an inherent physical beauty in everyone, too! So what if you have dark circles or less than perfect skin. I bet you have gorgeous eyes or a killer smile. We’ve all got things we love and things that we learn to love. So yes…come be a girly-girl with me. But realize that you are absolutely gorgeous being exactly who you are.

Okay, are we ready? I am. I am. I am.

MAKEUP ESSENTIALS!!! {uproarious applause. Also sorry if this post is really, really sketchy at points, I got three hours of sleep last night. It’s fine.}

1. Undereye Concealer. This is probably the thing that has been hardest for me to learn to love. Because of my genetics/tendency to not sleep enough {see above}, I’ll often get the “whoa, you look like a zombie” or “are you sick?” comment. This concealer is magical. Definitely the first thing I put on each morning…it’s my “I got two extra hours of beauty sleep!” in a bottle. I’ve been experimenting and really like this one from Maybelline!


2. Bronzer. One of my genetic blessings is that I am perpetually tan {thanks, Trinidadian mama!}. However, I love bronzer because it adds a warmth to the skin that isn’t as girly as your traditional blush. I’ve been using Sephora’s Bare Minerals for years and it’s never something that I go without.

Bare Minerals Warmth

3. BB Cream. So apparently I’m a little behind on this because there are CC creams out now {really, are we going to get to the end of the alphabet on these?} but I’m in love. It’s a cream that’s moisturizer, foundation, SPF, and concealer all in one {also pretty sure it cures the common cold or something else magical too}. I don’t wear it every day because I’m usually in a rush, but it provides enough coverage without getting cakey or gross. This isn’t something I spend a ton of money on so again Maybelline is a great choice!


4. The Naked Palette. Okay. This is something I absolutely adore and something that makes me feel like I actually know what I’m doing when it comes to makeup. This is a lot pricier {thanks Mom!} but honestly this Naked by Urban Decay eyeshadow palette has lasted me for a long time. The colors are potent, earthy, and totally wearable for any occasion. If you’re not one who wants to coordinate their makeup with what they’re wearing, this is the palette for you. It also comes with a killer eyeshadow primer that makes the colors stand out even more!


5. Quality eyeliner. I’m a sucker for eyeliner that goes on like silk. It’s the biggest thing that gives definition to your eyes—making you go from “hey” to “HEY.” I adore this L’Oreal pencil because it’s super-smooth and blends really well if you want a softer look. Also, eyeliner is a wonderful thing to experiment in color with. I really like navy because it goes well with my brown eyes, but I’ll wear purple or green to bring some color to my typically earthy eyeshadow.

L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Black (2)

6. Mascara. I wouldn’t say I’m a mascara expert {okay, I’m not really a makeup expert in general, but bear with me}, but I’ve tried several that I’ve liked. My standard go to is the Great Lash by Maybelline classic. Honestly, I’m more concerned with how you apply mascara: it’s basically a law that you have to make this face while putting mascara on, otherwise it will be completely ruined. Seriously.


7. Lipstick and lip balm. I never used to do anything with my lips, preferring just to put some Burt’s Bees on and get on with the day. But if you like to stick to neutral makeup, than a colorful lip really draws attention to your face. Pick a color that compliments your skin tone {I like a more purplish pink} and go for it! This Kate lipstick by Rimmel is really great. To finish, you can do a lip gloss {Which I love from Victoria’s Secret}, but for most days I usually go with a tinted lip balm from Burt’s Bees. Just don’t forget to pucker up…and don’t be this dog…


Anyways, I thought that this list was going to make it to a solid round ten, but if we’re talking essentials, it really doesn’t have to be that complicated. Let’s face it…I will never be that girl who is always put together and I’m totally okay with it! Honestly I’m a believer in the saying that “you’re never fully dressed without a smile.” So regardless of your makeup preferences, or lack there of, here’s to a FABULOUS weekend!




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