Hey all!

So I’m in the middle of a really stressful week…yeah. Mainly, I’m in between about a hundred different projects and fighting off a bug that’s been going around Belmont. But! I’m just holding on until Friday, when I will be headed off to camp with my new sisters for Kappa Alpha Theta’s Sisterhood Retreat!

Until then, I’ve need some quick forms of release, some moments of self reflection. And I find those in poetry. This summer I got really into both reading and writing poetry. I spent many a summer afternoon laying in my hammock with nothing but Bukowski or Collins and a light summer breeze.

So here’s a throwback to those summer days, when things were oh-so-easy. Two of my favorites to read, one original. Enjoy with a cup of tea. Or some classical piano, as I am now.

Dancing Towards Bethlehem—Billy Collins


“art” by Charles Bukowski


“Animus.” by yours truly…not even in league with these other two, but I write for writing’s sake. Also “animus” is “soul” in Latin!

The more you know…


What’s your favorite poem? How does it inspire you?

Sending love and good vibes so you can make it to the weekend,



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