Hey all!

So I’m trying to get on board with posting every week, and since Thursday is my favorite day of the week I’m going to try and make it around then! Today I’m talking about technology stuff, but I don’t know how many “T” words I can come up with… {T-Swift Thursday? Theta Thursday? Twerking Thursday? Okay…forget I said the last one.}

ANYways. I am a human being of the 21st century. I’m not trying to sound old right now, but I can actually remember growing up as a kid and not really understanding what the Internet was. I remember being in middle school and thinking that my Motorola RAZR was the coolest thing around. And I definitely remember thinking that a hashtag was a slanted Tic-Tac-Toe board.

Everything has changed. I’m now as addicted to my phone as the next person {sometimes that’s one of my room mates that I’m texting while we’re in the same room…really}. I’ve got an app that tells me everything that I need to do during the day, what major events are happening in the world, and if Sweet CeCe’s is having a fro-yo special. I Instagram like it’s going out of style. My Pinterest boards have everything from my future wedding planned out to my potential princes {Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I’m looking at you!} While I’m not entirely sure whether this is a good change or a bad change {like starting to use the word “hashtag” in real life} it’s definitely something that’s fascinating to think about.

So while you pause and contemplate your own technological love story…let me share with you my favorite websites. Apps are for another day. Here we go.

1. StumbleUponI’m an explorer. I love finding new websites or hidden gems on the Internet that I wouldn’t find otherwise. This website basically lets you put in your likes and dislikes and sends you flying across the internet. Be careful. Don’t get lost. If this ends up being the reason you don’t have a social life, I apologize in advance.

2. Wikipedia. Someday when I become rich and famous—whether I deliver my Grammy speech or the State of the Union—I’m going to thank Wikipedia for my success. Especially in college. I PROMISE that I have never stolen information to write my papers or anything…but if I have ever wanted to get the basics on a difficult book, or learned about a random historical event, or even researched a scary movie to make sure it wasn’t TOO scary—Wikipedia has been there. If you stop to think about it, it’s actually amazing that millions of people have contributed to this incredible source of knowledge. Also, fun fact: there’s a picture of me on Wikipedia somewhere…bonus points if you can find it ;)

3. Thought Catalog. This is a blog that provokes some really interesting conversations. There’s a host of different writers who discuss everything from relationships to religion to politics and everything in between. They are a variety of different perspectives that provoke some self-reflection. This is the kind of website you visit on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a big mug of coffee, and perhaps a friend.

4. BuzzFeed. Another blog… {I’m going to have to make another post for blogs I love, but I’m going to keep going with it.} Most of the times I’m directed here from something I saw on Facebook. Whether it’s talking about Apple’s latest new product or Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, Buzzfeed shows you all of the relevant things {and maybe the irrelevant ones} that are trending on the internet. 

5. Emergency Compliment. Having a rough day? A little down on your self-esteem? This website will compliment you until those feelings go away. There’s nothing like a computer screen telling you that you have an excellent taste in bowties to make you feel better.

6. Pinterest. Because how could you not? Follow me and all my boards about my future marriage, recipes I love, and things I made over the summer when I had absolutely nothing to do. I also have an obsession with quotes so my Words for Life board is kind of insane. Sorry not sorry.

7. 8tracks. I love music {I go to Belmont and that’s kind of a requirement.} This website combines my love of music and my love of exploration with handcrafted playlists for whatever mood you’re in {baking playlist? check. party playlist? check. christmas in july playlist? double check.}

8. This gem. No explanation necessary.

9. PicMonkey. Because taking regular pictures isn’t enough these days…this website allows you to crop, edit, filter, and make collages out of your photos. It’s pretty great.

10. Facebook. BIG surprise. I love people. I love new friends and old ones. I love seeing life in motion. And Facebook is the place where you can do it all. Let’s face it, you probably knew I had a blog because of it!

So there you have it: some of my favorite websites. Hopefully they won’t add to your Internet addiction. If they do…well, just remember that it’s about to be FALL and you should be OUTSIDE! {Says the girl in her apartment…}

Bye friends. :)



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