Hey guys!

I don’t know about you, but this point of summer starts to kind of become a drag…as in, I’m waiting patiently for crisp fall breezes while laying sprawled out on my bed in front of the fan. I’m missing my other home of Nashville, which has got me in the crafty mood! I saw this state string art on Pinterest and knew that I had to do my own, so when I am enjoying Nashville’s beautiful fall, I’ll still be reminded of home :)


Instead of writing the whole tutorial out again, just head on over to The Harpster Home for a super-easy to follow DIY!

A few notes:

+ Make sure that your heart is large and not too close to the edge. Wrapping strings around the heart so many times can become quite difficult after a while!

+Try to space your nails evenly and make sure they go in straight! {P.S. This was Tools 101 for me. I mean, I used a hammer, guys. This is a big deal.}

+Be patient! This project takes a few hours, not including the time you’ll have to wait between painting. But it’s worth it. It’d make a perfect addition to your house, especially if you’re a girl like me so many miles away from home.

Here’s to the rest of a lovely summer!




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