So if you couldn’t tell already, I love Nashville. Not only is it basically the coolest city in the entire world {I mean, we have our own TV show. On the real.}, but it’s also sweetly southern. I was immediately entranced by Southern charms when I walked into a restaurant during my first visit in seventh grade and the waiter said “Well how ya doin’, darlin’?” in a drawl that I have come to find irresistible. And when in Rome…

So what does it mean to be Southern? I’ve adopted the use of “y’all” and received a set of pearls for my 18th birthday, but something tells me I’m not all the way there yet…


So I’ve adopted the saying “If it’s not moving, monogram it.” I plan to deck everything {well, maybe not everything} with my initials. {Also, can some Southerner please tell me why your last initial goes in the middle and not the end? Thanks.} And if you didn’t happen to be born in the land of sweet tea and Southern hospitality, why not start right here?

You’re going to need a canvas, some acrylic paints in your favorite colors, a paintbrush, painter’s tape, and a circular shaped thing {I used a plate.}

First, making the chevron pattern:


To do the chevron, follow the tutorial here. To be completely honest, I didn’t feel like drawing gridlines and erasing them, so I just kinda free-handed it. My chevron stripes look accordingly. Oh well…


After you’ve striped up your canvas with tape, take a large circle shape {I used a plate} and trace around it. This will be the circle your monogram goes in!


After this, paint the canvas in your favorite color, keeping the inner circle white. I used a pretty turquoise! After the paint has dried peel the painter’s tape off.


Some of the edges might be a little rough, which is why you can go back in and touch it up! Let’s get to that monogram!


To start, outline the circle in another color. I made mine pretty thick because I wanted it to stand out. After the circle has dried, write in your monogram. I put mine into a font on my computer and just used it as a reference!


Then paint in your letters! I used a mix of my two favorite green paints. They looked pretty all swirled together.Image

Ta-dah! Your own little bit of Southern, at a whopping price of around $3. Hoping that this will look great on my door at Belmont next year :)

Stay Sweet,



5 thoughts on “DIY Monogrammed Chevron Canvas {aka how to become Southern in a snap!}

  1. Hi Jen! I really like this idea and think the canvas will look great in your dorm room. Is there a website you visit to get DIY ideas? I am moving into an apartment off campus next year and am looking to do some DIY crafts of my own for decorating and what not. Thanks!

  2. your last name being in the middle dates back to greek/roman times, when just the initial of your last name was used – it was a symbol of status and identified who you associated with. now, monograms aren’t for status but your last name is associated with your heritage and your family, so it should be most prominent. :)

  3. monograms started out (greek/roman times) just using the initial of your last name, as a way to show status. now, the last name initial stays in the middle because it’s representative of your family and should be the most prominent. :)

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