Hey guys!

I can hardly believe that the 4th is almost here! For me, the 4th of July isn’t just a celebration of all things America, it’s also the midway point of summer…which gets me to thinking…how the heck did two months of summer go by already? Although I’d like to think that I’ve been so busy with my awesome summer job and getting tan and all, there’s still so much that I have left to accomplish, like all those Pinterest projects for my apartment next year…and some more sleep.

Anyways, for all you ladies out there {or the very brave man dared by a certain lady to do this…} I’ve come up with a mani that you can rock on the 4th as you spend it with your family eating BBQ, watching the fireworks, or, if you’re like me, watching my favorite band rock it out at Summerfest. Let’s get to it!



First, let’s start with polish. You’re going to need a navy, red, and glittery silver nail polish. You’re also going to need a white and silver nail polish with a thin brush. If you don’t have those kinds in the stores near you, just go to a craft store and get a thin brush. It makes painting patterns SO much easier.


First, you’re going to paint your thumb, index, and pinky finger red. Your middle finger will be navy blue, and put a thin layer of glitter polish on your ring finger. Also, excuse the bad photos in advance…I’m right handed taking pictures with a Canon one handed is harder than I thought!


Your thumb is going to be its own fireworks display! Using the thin white brush paint a white sunburst on your nail. Then using another thin brush paint smaller navy starbursts around and overlapping it. Add some streaks of silver glitter and you’re done!

ChevronYour index and pinky are going to be the same red with white chevron stripes. You can either eyeball it and do them by hand like I did, or you can follow this DIY chevron tutorial and do them with tape! I wanted to do chevron because stripes are so typical for the 4th…but whatever floats your boat!

MiddleWe’re doing white polka dots on navy for the middle finger. This is pretty self explanatory: start a row of dots, then do the next row in between the dots you just made. This is a little easier than actually doing stars, but again, whatever floats your boat.

As for that sparkly index finger…just keep layering on the glitter. I used Sally Hansen Gem Crush and it took me about three.


After that, all you have to do is seal with a topcoat and BAM! Fourth of July nails that will make any girl sparkle. Thanks America.

Hoping you have a wonderful 4th,








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