Hey there world!

I’m actually quite surprised at the lack of blogging that I have been doing this summer. I guess instead of writing about my life, which has slowed wayyyyyyy down compared to my Nashville craziness, I would rather lay in the sun, watch Gossip Girl on Netflix, or bake things that are extremely unhealthy and then make desperate apologies to my body by working out. Summer? Yeah…


Anyways, the one thing that has been keeping me on track is my summer job! A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to try every kind of basic job possible, because I thought it would help me appreciate people who do those jobs a lot more {which is totally true, by the way. After working in retail I will never leave things all over the place again, seeing as 80% of my job when I was working in retail was putting other people’s things back.} As a waitress at Roberts Roost, a really cute breakfast place, I’ve learned

1. If you work at a breakfast place, be prepared to wake up early. The day after I got back to Wisconsin, I went to talk to the owner about getting a job. After a super-quick interview, he said, “Can you be here tomorrow at 6?” Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I was more than happy to agree. But waking up before the crack of dawn every day also taught me…


2. If you’re going to get up early every day, your college sleep schedule isn’t going to work. You mean, I can’t go out and stay up until three in the morning and then wake up two hours later to get ready for work? No, unless you want to be pulling the zombie-face for eight hours while you try and help other people get up and running. Returning late from the Imagine Dragons concert had me splashing water on my face just to keep my eyes open, which is important because…

3. Regardless of how you feel, make sure to make people feel welcomed. I’ve gone to work with so much on my mind, and while I didn’t necessarily just forget about what was bothering me, I tried to make sure that it didn’t affect how I treat other people. I think no matter where you work, you’ll always face the temptation to let your personal life cross over into your professional one, especially if you’re not in a good mood. But that’s why it’s important to remember…

4. You never know how you might make someone’s day… Although sometimes it’s easy to think that your goal at a job is to perform as expected and earn a paycheck, I find that it’s often a lot more, especially when you are working directly with people. It’s amazing to see what a smile and a few minutes of friendly conversation with a complete stranger can do to brighten their day. You never know how they might have been feeling before walking in, and you might have just been the ray of (early!) morning sunshine that they needed. You might have no idea how you might make someone’s day…

5. …and how they might make yours. Meeting so many new people has been one of my favorite parts of being a waitress. Sometimes these experiences can leave you starstruck, like when I met the former guitarist for my favorite band, nostalgic, when meeting friends I hadn’t seen since I left for college, or just happy, like the time I was having a down day and someone I had never met before said “I just want to let you know that you have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.” All of these positive experiences are what make my job worthwhile. :)

6. Teamwork is critical, no matter where you work. As a waitress you might think that the only relationships you will be building is the short-term one between you and your customers. But it’s also important to learn to work with and appreciate your coworkers. For example, I had no idea how difficult it was to get the food prepared, since I was just delivering it. But after a few weeks of working in the kitchen myself, I definitely had a better sense of appreciation for the guys who make all the delicious food, which is the reason people come to the restaurant in the first place!

7. Work is as fun as you make it to be. So officially, I spend my shifts as a waitress. But also during that time, I’m a barista inventing new drinks, a Taylor Swift karaoke singer, a tattoo model {see below} and a taste tester for new recipes. I’m always game for an opportunity to have fun, and it really makes the time go by faster!


8. Love where you work. I had several options for working this summer, and if you’re fortunate to have options for where you work, make sure it’s somewhere you enjoy. I love the atmosphere and people at Robert’s Roost, and honestly, that’s worth more to me than a bigger paycheck. If you’re going to be spending most of your day somewhere, make sure it’s somewhere you’re happy and where you feel like you are making a difference! 


I could go on about all the things that I’ve learned from my experience working at Roberts Roost, but a lot of what you learn at any job is from paying attention and keeping an open mind. That way, you’re not only leaving a job with a paycheck, but also a lot of memories, funny stories, and things you’ve learned that you can apply to other areas of your life.

So, the next time you have to wake up and head to your 9-5, take some time to think about what your experience might have taught you. And if you happen to live in Racine and have a few minutes before you have to head to work, stop by Roberts Roost. We’ll keep the coffee hot. :)



3 thoughts on “Eight Things I’ve Learned as a Waitress {aka the Marvelous Story of My Summer Job}

  1. love this post, sweet girl! so true – one of the best jobs i ever had was as a cashier at a car wash in athens (6.5 years) and i loved it not because of the paycheck, but because of the people, the atmosphere and what i learned about life. :) love your attitude toward life!

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