Hey there!


Today I spent the day at the lake and was perfectly content watching the boats go by and listening to the water splash against the huge rocks on the lake.


It made me want to go sailing! But since I A. Don’t know how to sail and B. Don’t own a boat…I settled for this fun manicure instead. I think it’s perfect for summer.


This manicure makes use of the nail striping technique that I’ve seen floating around the internet. Basically you paint your nails one color, take strips of tape and lay it over the dried polish, then paint over the whole thing with a different color and immediately remove the tape. The places where you put the tape obviously will have the original color, leaving clean, neat stripes.


First, a coat of white on all your nails. I used “Snow Me” from Sinful Colors. Then two thin strips of white tape where you want the white.


Then paint over your nails, just like this! I used a red for all of my nails but the ring finger, which I did in navy.

Peel away the tape and…


BOOM. Clean white stripes. I added a little glitter to my accent nail and finished it off with a topcoat. It’s as easy as that!

I liked this method because it’s pretty foolproof. You don’t have to have a steady hand to do it and it creates super cute manicures.

Now all I have to do is find that boat….




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