Hey y’all! I’m writing from my favorite chair next to the window here in Racine. After a LONG bus drive, I’m back home for Easter weekend. Today’s been my first free day in the kitchen, and I knew it was time to do it.

Do you ever have moments in your life that you end up remembering forever, even if they don’t seem like a big deal?

One day my junior year, I was browsing Pinterest and came across a picture of this incredible looking recipe. I went on the blog it was linked to, started reading, and was hooked. Every blog post since, I’ve faithfully been following Joy and her adventures through life and baking. I’ve picked up some of her writing lingo {major, fancypants, any other words that seem too cool for me}, aimed to capture food with a camera the way she does, and even tweeted her on Twitter {and died when she tweeted me back!} In a lot of ways, Joy was the reason that I started my own blog, because she was able to inspire me, through food and life lessons and pictures of cats. And I’ve wanted to do the same.

That recipe was Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart bread. And making it today, I feel like I’ve come full circle.

Let’s do this.

We start out with the usual suspects: flour, sugar, salt. There’s also yeast but I activated it by whisking it with 3 tablespoons of very warm water and a pinch of sugar and letting it sit for five minutes. Then I added it with the wet ingredients: butter, milk, water, and vanilla extract. Eggs also find their way in there somehow.

Bonus style points if you’re jamming to JT while this magic is being made.

After the dough is combined and set to rise in a warm place, the fun stuff starts happening.

Cinnamon-sugar-nutmeg. Bliss!

Bucket also likes to get her nose into things. Literally.

After the dough is punched down and kneaded a little bit, it’s rolled out into a 12×20. Then it’s slathered in brown butter and that lovely mixture of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

The dough is cut vertically into six pieces, stacked on top of each other, and cut into six piece again. Six perfect little cinnamon sugar pillows.

Stack those babies in a greased and floured 9×5. And then let it rise for another 30-45…that totally rhymed. It’s not like I go to a music school or anything…

And then let’s turn up the heat. This loaf of heaven goes into a 350 for 30-35 minutes until it’s really golden brown.

Hot. Dang.

I can’t believe that I waited for almost a year to make this. What was I thinking?

And now that I’ve tempted you with this, you should probably head into your kitchen and start cooking. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Recipe a la Joy the Baker can be found right here!

Life lesson #1: Cinnamon and sugar make life better.

Life lesson #2: Inspiration comes in the strangest of places. Who knew a loaf of bread would lead to The Blessed Life?

Hoping your Easter is full of family, friends, and God’s love.



2 thoughts on “Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread.

  1. Thanks for another good post, that is how God works. Sometimes the things that seem the smallest end up with huge influences in your life. I also hope you are blessed and have a great time with your family on Easter.

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