So currently I am up to my eyeballs in midterms, stress, meetings, sickness, projects, and general February madness. It’s to the point where every hour of my life from now until Friday is planned {this is my scheduled free time hour…it’s sad when you have to schedule free time.} Every kid here at Belmont has it in their eyes, the glazed-over please-kill-me-now-or-send-me-to-the-Bahamas look.

But rescue is coming soon!

Spring Break 2013 is a mere few days away. I’ll be heading to Florida {the quintessential collegiate destination} with my two best friends Zoe and Danielle. It’s going to be real.

Packing is happening.

What I’ll be wearing 90% of the time in Florida: A cute bikini. A classy coverup. My favorite pair of flip flops. Sweet shades. An oversized beach hat.

What I’ll be toting around: Good reads {read: anything by Billy Collins}. My Spring Break Playlist, a la Victoria’s Secret Pink Nation. The Canon. Strawberry-Kiwi Snapple.

There’s not really much else that you need in the world.

Florida, I’m so ready for you. Marco Island and Miami, welcome me with open arms. Bronze my skin with your sun rays, embrace me with your warm ocean breeze, let me sink into the sand and…


In order to make this as clean a “break” from everything as possible, I’m going to try and shut off my phone as much as I can and stay off social media {including this blog!} for the week. I promise I’ll be back, bringing sunshine and sparkles and hopefully some amazing stories.

Florida, Florida, Florida. I’m ready for ya ;)



3 thoughts on “Spring Breakin’.

  1. This is totally random…. but I found your blog by reading a comment you made on joy the baker’s blog. When I read the name of your blog it made me interested. So I took a “look around’ your blog.

    We’re missionaries living in Thailand. WE’ve been here for 12 years.

    I have a son who will be moving to Nashville in March to attend SAE. It’s a recording school there. I was wondering if you could recommend a good church in the area that has college age students? We’ve been here since he was 9. Living in America for him will almost be like living in a foreign country. He’s 20 now. If he could plug into a good church there that will help him to adjust more.

    I have a blog but it’s private due to our family being in the middle of a Thai adoption. However, if you’d like to check it out I could add you. ; )


    1. Hey there! That’s so cool that your son is moving! I know it’s going to be a big change and would love to help! I really love my church here, Forward Nashville. You can read more about it here and my own blog post here. It’s a really awesome community that’d be a good launch pad. Of course, there are so many amazing churches in Nashville, so you really can’t go wrong. I’d love to read your blog too! :) Blessings!

  2. Thanks for writing back so quickly!

    I’ve added you to my blog readers. I added the name of your blog. I hope that works. If not let me know and I’ll put in your email address.

    My sons name is Chase. I have 6 sons. lol Just so you know which one is coming. ; )

    I’ll check the church out. Thanks so much!

    If he could get started with a good church with some college age friends that would help the transition a bit better. All the rest of us are in Thailand.


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