Sometimes when I think about this semester, Queen gets stuck in my head.

Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy? Do people really get to see Maroon 5, Fun., The Band Perry, Hunter Hayes, LL Cool J, Ne-Yo, Taylor Swift, and the Lumineers in the same night?

Sometimes if you’re a really lucky girl from Wisconsin, it just might happen.

I have all of yesterday to thank for my friend Cole. You might remember him from my time as an extra or at the CMA Awards. We’re both members of Grammy U which let us get FREE FLOOR TICKETS to the concert. We got together with a couple of friends and headed to Jackson’s for dinner, then headed over.

Words can’t describe how cool it is to see the people who you rock out to when you’re home alone or listen to on the radio in your car right in front of you. Let’s just say my friends and I had several small panic attacks. Several.

{p.s! Maroon 5 video here! Maroon 5}

The concert was amazing and the next day I found something I could hardly believe….my own invitation to the Grammy Awards.

Seriously? This is unreal. With all my heart I wish and hope I can go, if not this year, then one year for sure!



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