Nashville, Tennessee. Sunsets on lakes. The ring I got on my 16th birthday. Jersey sheets. The feel of warm laundry. Kittens. Ben & Jerry’s. Belmont University. Forgiveness. New clothing. Fall leaves. Cozy sweaters. Naps. Country music. Skillet. Tears. Apple. Forever 21. Taylor Swift. My three guitars. A beautiful room mate. Meeting new people. Bad memories turned good. Miracles. Ice cream. Hugs. Shooting stars. Crickets chirping. Instagram. Poetry. Forward Church. A hero when I need him. Snow. Wisconsin. Prayers. Cheese in wax casing. Refrigerator with notes from friends. Growing up. New days. Chris Tomlin. Good health. Dear friends from around the world. Sounds of the ocean. Going swimming at midnight. Pinterest. Stress-baking. Bon Iver. Trying new things. Winning a really hard level in Angry Birds. Cashmere socks. Exciting opportunities. Meeting The Civil Wars. Death breaking ground for new life. Leftover pizza. Laughter. The innocence of children. Communion. Starbucks’ salted caramel mocha. Tongues dyed red by Popsicles. Walking barefoot in tall grass. Fields. Old abandoned buildings. Chick flicks. Flannel Fridays. The Prairie School. Pretty dresses. Teachers. The smell when you open old books. People who are there for you at your worst. Sundays. Gangam Style on the street with random people. Mondays made better with surprises. Catching snowflakes on your tongue. New fonts on the computer. Joy the Baker. Chocolate chip pancakes. Inspiration. Pastels. Pokémon. Orchids. The smell of fresh cut grass. College Night at Chick Fil A. Being born in a really cool country. Compliments. Back massages. Nutella. Writing new music. The Bell Tower. Slender. The smell of Axe. Ramen noodles. Christmas oldies. Having a limitless future. Billy Collins. Silky pajamas. Random sketches that make you feel like your artistic. Beauty from ashes. Lavender. Girls night. Coming home from a night out with everything I left with. Being humbled by the simple. Pomegranates. Zumba. That guy who makes you feel like a princess. Luke Bryan’s smile. The song that describes exactly what you’re feeling right now. The gift of language. The sound of breathing. Never feeling alone. NAKED by Urban Decay. Laughing so hard that you cry. Crying so hard that you laugh. December birthdays. The first flowers of spring. Lake Michigan. The Vikings. A sister who loves me unconditionally. A brother who’s braver than I’ll ever be. Spotify playlists. Another brother who never fails to make me smile. A daddy who always makes me proud. A mom who is half the woman I want to be. A really cute dog. Buying new things. Shoes that fit just right. Tiffany & Co. Freedom. Pumpkin flavored foods. Dancing under the stars to Enchanted. Jenna Marbles. The time 12:16. Radio. Playing video games in the lobby. Thursdays. Random acts of kindness. Love. Daydreams. Neat penmanship. Calendars. A new bottle of nail polish. Being able to be put back together again. The song “Beautiful Things.” The Dalai Lama. Being able to write about my life. Miss America’s Outstanding Teen and my wonderful family from that. Having so many wonderful role models in my life. Mr. Steffen. Skiing. Living for a year in the way up north woods of Wisconsin. How there is always something beautiful in everyone. Minnetonka moccasins. Extended family. Learning a new fact. Children’s Miracle Network. Twitter. Dancing when the song comes on. Hand written notes. Texts from old friends. Bear hugs. SnapChat. Kate Bishop’s laugh. Skype dates. Eating cookie dough out of the fridge. God’s guidance. Stupid YouTube videos. Medicine that makes people feel better. Taking a hot shower after a long hard day. Buying stuff from Victoria’s Secret and feeling fancy. America’s Funniest Home Videos. The color Tiffany Blue. Refusing to give up. Cake that’s been chilled in the refrigerator. Indescribable beauty. Quotes that I put on my wall. Silence. The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The people who inspired me to never stop dreaming. Eating waaaayyy too much food. Skrillex. Bubble baths. Taco Bell at four in the morning. People who think I’m cool when I’m really quite ordinary. Bubbles. Chalkboard walls. Newborn babies. Stamp collections. Limestone cliffs. Jefferson Lighthouse. Salvation. Awkward moments. Tickle fights. Those stories that you’ll end up telling your grandchildren. Realizing that life really isn’t that bad after all. Valentine’s Day. Hot chocolate. Wikipedia. Sitting front row at a concert. Breathing slowly. Slow kisses. The Batman movies. Super Mario Smash Bros. An amazing support team. New Zealand. Plush towels. Being at the right place at the right time. Getting the right answer to a really hard question. Not having all the answers. Knowing that there is a future.

Jesus, the author and finisher of all, the giver of everything good. Thanks be to you, now and forever, for everything. Amen. Amen. Amen.


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