Today’s post is Things to Eat in College, aka I’m Hungry, It’s Late, and Why Isn’t Thanksgiving Here Already?

Hey, college food isn’t all that bad…right? Let’s just give you the low down on how the Ramen diet isn’t all myth.

The Caf

 So this is standard Belmont fare. 14 meals a week, every week. Exciting, right? Belmont’s food isn’t awful…it’s just the common joke that whatEVER food we have, the comment to follow is, “At least it’s not the caf!”

Things to Get: Apple Crisp with Ice Cream, Waffle Sundaes, Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches…basically anything with ice cream. They serve Purity Ice Cream here and it’s the stuff!

Things to Avoid: sketchy bananas, eggs, and anything with the word “surprise” in it.

My favorite Sunday brunch.

Curb Café, Corner Court, What’s Bruin, and Bruin Grounds

Belmont’s other dining options are found scattered around campus. Freshmen are issued $225 in declining points per semester, and boy, do they go fast! The Curb Café has a Quizno’s, WOW Wingery, and Mein Bowl. Since I’m a fan of Asian I’m usually up for the latter. Plus, you can always find a Belmont artist performing during the evening, so it’s a pretty chill place to be. Bruin Grounds is located in Club Lila (classy name for our library) and boasts sandwiches with literary names such as Hamlet and the Awakening. It’s also where I got a free cup of coffee when the lady there found out her son got a job. Score! :)

Things to Get: Chess Brownies {the classy blonde of the brownie world), overpriced Chick Fil A sandwiches, yakisoba, sweet potato fries.

Things to Avoid: sketchy sushi {my friend John was out for days because of this. Just don’t do it.}, the buffalo sauce they use for the chicken at WOW {first it’s nothing…then it’s Dante’s inferno}.

Go for real sushi like this one!

Chick Fil A

Now would be as good a time as ever to express my undying love for Chick Fil A. We were fortunate to have the only one in Racine…and I probably was there all of ten times. But it’s a thing in the South. Especially Mondays…which is College Night. You’ll always find Belmont kids hanging around, and one time there was even a square dance there! Chick Fil A is delicious. Chick Fil A is an important part of every Belmont kid’s diet. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. {catch my drift}

Things to Get: Everything, but especially the Chicken Minis.

Things to Avoid: Getting fat. Which is impossible if you eat here often.

Just don't show up on Sunday. You'll have a bad time.

Waffle House

So this one isn’t as widely loved as Chick Fil A, but as a Northerner, I want to express my sincere appreciation for Waffle House. There’s no other place that will serve you breakfast at three in the morning. Many good times have been had at Waffle House, and sometimes a girl just needs a waffle smothered in chocolate and drowned in syrup.

Things to Get: Breakfast Food.

Things to Avoid: Sitting next to people laughing a little TOO loud for three in the morning.

Of course, Waffle House is always better with friends! :)

Taco Bell

The love of every college kid’s life. There’s a fourthmeal for a reason. Enough said.

Things to Get: everything, if it’s late and you’re hungry.

Things to Avoid: everything, if it’s during the day and you realize that TBell’s a little sketch at times.

The Millions of Other Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Holes in The Wall {and what do you eat in the dorm?}

This is going to have to wait for another night. There are papers to write, friends to see, and there are far, far too many places to tack on to this blog post. So I’m signing off for now!

xoxo, Jen


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