This Fall Morning

The bittersweet serenade of a iPhone alarm at eight a.m.

Send a message to the sun; I’m calling in sick today.

The thought of a new day brings new life to these old bones.

Like clockwork water is heated for

Morning coffee.

Black, liquid

energy. I am a robot coming to life.

Fall’s cool breath upon my neck

The crunch of leaves, dying life.

For a moment I wish to be Thoreau,

Nature my only lesson,

Freedom my only wish.

The day goes on.

Faces, people, words, words, words,

Meetings, cafeteria, I’ve seen it all before.

But today something is different.

Today I feel impregnated with potential.

Today I realize that nothing is impossible.

Today I realize that words like “major” are really quite minor

When compared to the larger things in life.

Today I will not strive to chase success,

Will not be defined by dollar signs or grade point averages.

Today I will become myself,

And success will be the one chasing me,

Chasing me, on

This fall morning.


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