Sometimes it’s those spur-of the moment events that end up being the ones you’ll always remember. For me, that event was October 24th, when a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to be an extra in a movie. I had just finished Zumba and was in my post-workout apathy, but I thought to myself, “why not?” Cole had only been told that the movie was 70’s themed, so we tried our best to find apparel for the decade {and ended up succeeding pretty well. Does this make me hipster?} and headed out.

The shooting for the movie was held at the Grand Ole Opry, which was also exciting, since it brought back memories from seventh grade {short side story: when I was in Nashville for my first time, I played a song I wrote for my mom on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. It was an almost ethereal experience, and something I never forgot. I swore I’d come back to Nashville someday.} I realized that my journey had really come full circle.

Extra, Extra! Read all about us :)

After we registered and had our 70s outfits inspected {they passed!} we headed inside the Opry. When I walked in, I was completely surprised. The Opry had been transformed to a movie set! Cameras were everywhere and the stage was set for a show. There were about 200 extras there, all dressed in 70s gear. Not only that, but there were about a hundred dummies filling in seats…really, really creepy.

We were placed and then were told to act like this performer was the best thing since sliced bread. Since I’ve been to my fair share of concerts here in Nashville, this was pretty easy. We then proceeded to take the same shot ten times in a row. That’s one of the things that I forgot about acting—there’s never just one take. But I met some really cool people in-between takes, including a magician who blew me away with his card tricks. After that take, we moved places, and proceeded to do the same scene a dozen more times. I still have the words memorized from the song that we were cheering to. Although being there for six hours ended up being a little tiring, it was still a priceless opportunity. Being behind-the-scenes for a movie is something that you don’t do every day. We came back to Belmont with some spending money, free t-shirts, and an experience I wasn’t going to forget. And just a week after, we learned that our participation also earned us free tickets to the CMA Awards!

Cole, my fellow superstar!

By the way, if you want to check out this movie, it’s called The Identical, starring Seth Green and Ashley Judd. It’ll be coming your way in the Fall of 2013. And you can bet that I’m totally going to have a movie watching party and be like “Oh my gosh! That’s the back of my head!” Totally.

Nashville is definitely a happening place. Where else can you wake up a college student and go to bed a superstar? {well, not really, but a girl can dream…}

—xoxo, Jen


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