This morning I woke up to the sound of my siblings’ voices and pillows being thrown at me. Was this a dream? I thought to myself. It had been six weeks since I last saw my family—a tearful farewell that left me wondering how different I would be when I saw them again. And yet, laying there in bed listening to their laughter, it seemed like no time had passed at all.

Parent Family Weekend is here at Belmont University. For weeks the date has been written in neat purple pen on my calendar, but it hadn’t hit me yet until I called my dad and asked him “Are we in the same city now?” As the words left my mouth, I looked out my window and saw the five most important people in my life walking down to Wright. I ran down to meet them in the lobby and the weight of how much I had missed them hit me all at once! Although I had kept in touch with them over Skype, letters, phone calls and text, there’s nothing like being able to tousle your brother’s hair, or get wrapped up in your daddy’s hug.

I’m still not an expert on Nashville, but being able to take my family around the city I’ve come to call home was amazing. We went to Opry Mills and saw the same aquarium that we visited when I was in 7th grade and first fell in love with Nashville. Then we went to the Parthenon, the only life-size replica of Athena’s temple in Greece. We came back and spent some time at Belmont, went to dinner at my new favorite Chic Fil A, and then went star tipping {SO MUCH FUN!}. Being able to be with my family is an incredible gift. I’m now in bed at our hotel in Brentwood watching a Lifetime movie with my mom and sister. Some things never change…

Seriously trying to resolve to post once a week. Next week’s post: a day in the life of…ME! :)




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