Wow. Just wow.

One month ago, I had just woken up from spending my first night at Wright Hall, here in Nashville, Tennessee. That was a hard night. Although I knew I was going to see my parents the next day, there was just this overwhelming sense of realization. That this, this college life, was going to be my life, both every day and the next. My mind was a mixture of paradoxical emotions…

Anxiety and calm. Fear and courage. Doubts and hope. Worries and dreams.

One month ago. It seems like a year ago.

This past month at Belmont has changed me in ways that I can’t even begin to describe. For one, I’ve done a lot of growing up. Moving from Racine to Nashville was a huge change. It required me to step outside my comfort zone many, many times—everything from finding friends in a sea of strangers to navigating the streets of the city. It also required me to give myself permission to fail. Mistakes have been made. Classes have been {almost!} missed. Tears have fallen. But in all of this, I realized that the rough times were as essential to this first month as the good times—being elected to SGA, getting a job at the Office of University Counsel, having countless adventures with newfound friends. This balance of highs and lows has kept me alert, optimistic, and most importantly, grateful. Sometimes I’ll be walking around campus and be hit with an overwhelming wave of happiness. I am so happy to be here, right now, doing what I’m doing.

One thing I think that’s gone really well so far is becoming part of the Belmont community. This is due to the fact that there are so many AMAZING people here, especially the people who were here to help the first couple days. Somehow through awkward ice breakers and different events, I ended up meeting people who I’ve gotten really close with. And then there are just the happenstance friendships—the running into somebody at the Caf, the game of Catchphrase or midnight Frisbee on the quad, the jam session in Echo Square—where you meet someone and are just so happy to be around them.

That being said, I think there are a lot of things that I have left to discover and work on. I spent the past weekend in Kentucky at the Honors Retreat. Aside from eating really good food and getting caught in a briar patch during Capture the Flag {bad idea} I had a chance to write a letter to my future self, four years from now, walking across the stage as a graduate of Belmont. And what would that letter say? I think the biggest thing for me is living this next four years with purpose—not letting college happen to me, but making sure I do everything with intention and passion. I want to live every moment of this Belmont experience with everything I have in me.

Here’s to the next month, and the months to follow!
Xoxo, Jen :)


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