So this Friday marks the third week that I’ll have been here at Belmont. Honestly, it feels like I’ve been here forever, in the best possible way! I’ve made so many friends and had such a good time that Nashville already seems like home. It’s been a really good transition and I know that it’s only going to get better! That being said, here’s a list of ten things that, despite all the advice I got and books I read about college, were important lessons for me.

1. You are always most active around 12:30 at night. Always. This is the time where jam sessions, trips to Circle K, playing video games, ultimate frisbee on the quad, and meeting friends occur.


2. Naps are God’s greatest gift to mankind. Seriously.

3. You have free time. But that free time is most likely filled by naps {see #2}, going to some awesome event {like Speed Dating or an Owl City concert}, eating with friends, walking around, trying to blow giant bubbles from on top of the parking garage, and on the rare occasion, homework.

Totally worth staying up for.

4. Your professors are real people. Who have a real sense of humor, especially when it comes to teasing you about being from Wisconsin. They also kind of like being around college kids. They must feel bad for us or something.

5. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a Kit Kat and a mocha for breakfast, Easy Mac for lunch, and Ramen for dinner.

6. Community showers are survivable. Scrambled eggs from the caf are not.

7. As scared as you are to jump from your loft bed, it’s quite possible. Especially when you wake up and realize you have two minutes to get to class…yeah.

8. No matter how world-class the caf food might seem, there’s nothing quite like microwave food with friends.

Just like home!

9. Listening to obscure bands and wearing TOMS does not make you hipster.

Neither does taking artsy pictures of coffee.

10. Being a little fish in a big pond is not as scary as it may seem. Although it’s intimidating at first, you come to appreciate that everyone around you is going through the same thing. That same sense of awkwardness, of feeling like you’ll never find your place, of being completely lost at times, actually helps bring us together. And that sense of community is a beautiful thing.

Another thing I learned is that my promise to myself to write daily on my blog was a fairytale. I’m going to try and be more realistic and maybe aim for once a week? I really, really love it here. More college adventures will be coming soon!

xoxo, Jen.


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